We fund projects. As opposed to programs, which are ongoing, projects have a beginning and ending date.


Leadership/workshop full year project starting in March, 2016

Our coordinator in Chiapas, Carmen, proposed this program over 3 years ago and we could not take it on at that time. But we are happy to report that we will fund it this year. This is a one-year project that involves workshops in 5 communities as well as in the women’s center in San Cristóbal de Las Casas. The purpose is to strengthen leadership roles of women so they may have more participation in their communities. This includes: 1) workshops on gender equity, health, current events, etc., 2) classes on accounting, banking and computers, 3) Design and creativity workshops to increase marketing of weavings and handicrafts, 4) workshops on socio-economic and political structures, 5) exchanges with women in other cooperatives and 6) continuing the education of the women and girls teaching literacy. Over 200 meetings and workshops will be held.


Update: Eco-friendly latrines

We are delighted to announce that the 20 latrines in 4 communities were completed the first part of June, 2014. Our coordinator, Carlos Hernández Gómez, did an excellent job coordinating workshops, materials and families in 4 separate locations. The families contributed the exterior walls. The women in Las Ollas invited Linda, Martha and Judith to come see their new latrines during the annual summer visit.. The families and Mujeres de Maiz OF are delighted with the final results. Another workshop for each community is scheduled and will deal with maintenance issues. Thanks to those who contributed for this ‘life education” project.

Board member Martha Rudersdorf offered her services to help the cooperative members paint a mural on a wall in the new building. The women voted to put their poster image on the wall. Martha and husband David painted the wall, then measured out a grid. Martha demonstrated how to transfer a small square of the poster onto the larger grid, and then the women took over. The painting was not complete when we left, but the women are now in charge of adding details and colors as they see fit. Here are the photos, first of the poster, and then of the wall as the painting took shape.


Mujeres de Maiz Center

Mujeres de Maiz Opportunity Foundation is delighted to announce that after an almost 3 year search for an appropriate building or piece of land to be used as a center, the women of the cooperative found a site that will serve their purposes and moved in in January.

The house offers a large, partially covered patio, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and 5 other rooms that will be used for sleeping quarters and workshops. It is located conveniently just a few blocks from the central market and close to transportation to outlying communities.

The center will be used for the bi-monthly workshops, housing for scholarship girls attending school in the city, meetings, etc. The new center is a legacy to the new generation of women and girls in the cooperative and a long-held dream come true.

In August, 2013, Linda and Judith attended the bi-monthly reunion of the cooperative in the new venue. The purchase and documentation for the house is now complete. We presented a plaque to the cooperative with the names of those who donated specifically to the building fund. The women have been painting walls, chairs and tables, and a new roof extends over the entire patio area so the women can hold workshops outdoors. After renting space for 14 or so years for their workshops, the new center gives a feeling of permanency and relief from ongoing monthly payments. Thanks to all of you who supported this amazing project.

The handicraft storeThe handcraft store

Multi-use patioMulti-use patio

Workshop in progressWorkshop in progress

Women's CenterWomen’s Center

Dinner's almost readyDinner’s almost ready